The Science

The Science Behind the RAD Prism

The RAD Prism is a patented invention to address the symptoms of dyslexia which cause difficulty in mastering reading fluency and comprehension. 

The RAD Prism does not require a prescription and provides no correction of any known medical condition. The RAD Prism simply allows the brain to correctly interpret data that are misread due to facial asymmetry. 

The right eye of a dyslexic is located farther from the center line of the face than the dominant left eye, resulting in the eyes’ sending uncoordinated signals to the brain while reading. The dyslexic brain cannot routinely compensate for this difference and struggles to coordinate the data, causing a slow labored reading pattern with limited comprehension. 

The RAD Prism is designed to offset the difference in eye placement to relieve the brain’s struggle to coordinate the data. 

The specially-designed patented prism is a new invention for people with symptoms of dyslexia, the result of Dr. Dahlem’s five years of observation, research, and direct work with problem readers with symptoms of dyslexia.

Participants will receive this unique prism design which is mounted in an eyeglass frame for ease of use. The RAD Prism lens is in the right side of the frame and a clear lens is in the left side.

For a more in depth explanation of the RAD Prism Lenses, Review Our Patent. Click on the link below:

Apparatus and Method for Treating Learning Differences